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            Basic information
            Name: * Sex: Female Male
            ID number: * Nation: *
            Date of birth: * Height: *
            Political affiliation: Marital status:
            Mobile: * E-mail:
            Domicile: Province: City: * Address: *
            Job search intention
            Apply for a position: * Expected salary: *
            Educational background
            The highest degree: * School Name:
            Time: - * Professional:
            The college experience:(Including the school activities, awards, social practice, internship experience) other education background can be filled in this.
            Work experience
            Working years.: * Related posts years *
            Working experience:
            Occupation skill
            English: level: The ability to read and write: The ability of listening and speaking:
            Other Language: Name: Level: technical title:
            Other skills:(Text description, and please include your proficiency in computer programs and software used):
            Personal evaluation (Including the personal character, interest, attitude, have any special skill etc.)
            Upload your resume: (Please use.Txt or.Doc format, size does not exceed 200KB)
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