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            Chongqing Wanli New Energy Co.,Ltd is the predecessor of  Chongqing Storage Battery Factory, which was set up in 1943 and was  re-organized according to modern corporate system in 1992. The company was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange on March 20, 1994, becoming the first listed company in domestic battery industry.

            The company, known for various “Wanli” lead-acid batteries, has been labeled as “expert of energy storage in China”, with in producing “Wanli” lead-acid battery.

            On September 2007, the company followed Chongqing government’s strategy of “suppress the second industry and develop the third industry, moved from Urban Area to the Industrial Park” and purchased the land of 438 mu at Shuangfu Industrial Park in Jiangjin County. The company plans to finish the overall relocation in two phases with investment of 0.4 billion yuan. The first  phase of project (the project with the annual output of 1 million starter lead acid battery ) was completed and formally put into production on September, 2010 , with investment of 0.16 billion yuan. The second phase of projects (the project with the annual output of 3 million maintenance-free starter lead acid battery, the project with the annual output of 15 million electric vehicle battery and the project with the annual output of 2 million lead acid battery for hybrid electrical vehicle) will add new capacity of 5.57 million KVAh and achieve sales revenue of 3 billion yuan, operating profit of 0.338 billion yuan after completion.

            The company has got the certificate of ISO90012000 , ISO/TS16949, ISO14001:2004 and OHSAS18001:2007.

            The company has got the ratification of pollutant discharge, clear production and occupational disease prevention.

            The product has been certificated through the examination of the Ministry of Information Industry, State Power Corp. of China, National Broadcast& TV General Bureau and the General Political Department of the People's Liberation Army. The company is also honored as the high-quality supplier.

            The company strives to become the most attractive production base of lead-acid battery in China’s western region in three to five years.

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