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            About us
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            Honorable friends,

            Welcome to browse the website of Chongqing Wanli New Energy Co., Ltd. I hope the website can become a window for you to know our company and build a bridge of friendship between us. On behalf of all staff in our company, I’d like to extend my sincere gratitude to all friends and partners who have given us support, trust and sincere cooperation. 

            The company was set up in 1943 and listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange on March 20, 1994, becoming the first listed company in domestic battery industry. Our products are widely used in transportation, energy, post and telecommunication, electric power system, national defense, scientific research and other fields. Our product has been certificated through the examination of the Ministry of Information Industry, State Power Corp. of China, National Broadcast TV General Bureau and the General Political Department of the People's Liberation Army. The company is an important battery manufacturer in the western region in China. Over the past 70 years since its building, it has made outstanding contributions to national economic and social development.

            In order to follow the transformation of the global economy to a green economy and low carbon economy, the company purchased the land of 438 mu at Shuangfu Industrial Park in Jiangjin County and launched the environmental overall relocation project in 2007. The company plans to finish the overall relocation in two phases with investment of 0.4 billion yuan. The new factory was completed and formally put into production in September 2010.

            We will take this opportunity to give full play to the advantage of new base, new technology and new equipment, constantly improve the innovation ability, speed up the pace of product structure adjustment and enhance the core competitive ability, making our company the “expert of energy storage in China” of "first-class management, first-class technology, first-class equipment and first-class quality" and achieving leapfrog development.

            The company’s development and expansion can’t continue without the care, support and help from all friends. We welcome the friends from all walks of life to visit our new factory and look forward to cooperate with more friends to create a glorious future together.


            Chairman and Managing Director: Liu Xicheng




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